Ondo Aesthetics -  Natural Skincare Services

With 40 years expertise in aromatherapy, Decleor allows you to reveal the natural expression of your beauty.  Scientific knowledge of plant energies and an in-depth understanding of the vital energies of the body have produced plant- based treatments used in beauty salons and spas all over the world.

Aromessence  (60 minutes)

An indispensable treatment step to restore perfect balance and essential well-being to your skin.

Aromaplasty  (60 minutes)

A multi-vitamin 2 layer treatment mask with 100% natural flax seeds, wheat germ and sunflower seeds. 

Aroma Expert  (65 minutes)

Each technique features targeted active ingredients to satisfy the most demanding skin types.

Grounding Back Treatment  (15 minutes)
Aromatherapy oils are coupled with a signature session of ditopressure to relax and destress. 
Machine Treatments

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Galvanic Therapy
  • Oxygen Facials
  • High Frequency
  • Sonic 
  • Microcurrent

Green Peel

  • suited to most skin types
  • resurfaces skin using only natural herbs and botanicals.
  • light applications are available for neck/declete treatment

Peels and Exfoliants

  • Lactic Peels (30 to 40% available)
  • Glycolic Peels (30% available)
  • Digestive Enzymes (3 levels available)
  • Fruit Enzymes (2 levels available)
  • Alpha Hyrdroxy Acids (16% buffered)
  • Vasco Dilator/ Disencruster (2 levels available)
  • Professional Scrub (3 types available)

Additional Treatments

  • Vitamin C Rejuvination
  • Aromatherapy
  • Brow/ Eyelash Tint
  • Facial Hair Bleaching
  • False Lash Application
  • Paraffin Wax treatments for hands and feet
  • Bumpy Arm Treatments
  • Hand Facials
  • Foot Facials

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